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What's that guy's problem?

Charles Disney is an LA-based standup comedian, podcaster, writer, and general waste of space.

He has been a featured performer at the Ventura Harbor Comedy Competition, Charm City Comedy Festival, Idaho Laugh Fest, Derby City Comedy Festival. He has also competed in the San Diego Comedy Festival, where he lost to someone who made the following joke: "Donald Trump is President? I guess orange really is the new black!"

Charles has been embroiled in numerous social media controversies, which have resulted in him getting suspended from work and fired from a regular hosting gig.

Charles cohosts the cult podcast Not a Huge Fan with writer Isaac Simpson and coproduces the standup comedy show The Darkest Hour at the Dojo of Comedy at Sycamore Tavern along with Twitter supervillain Josh Denny.

Standup Video 1

Sassy corporate Twitter accounts.

Standup Video 2

Is George Lucas a terrorist?

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